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Alza Common Problems .....

Artikel ini telah di terbit semula dari ihsan artikel2 yang terdapat di carian, di 'post' dalam bahasa Inggeris untuk mengekalkan keaslian artikel yang di pinjam dari forum.

Dirty Front Rims / Noisy Front Brake
Cause: Lousy brake pad that produces too much of brake powder
Solution: Change BrakePad (If you can't find Alza model, go for Waja Model)
Cost: Ceramic Nao - RM60 or Bosch PowerPlus RM55 or others, Labour outside RM10-15

Wind Noise on Driver Side/Front Left Passenger Windows
Cause: <80km/j - improper rubber lining at windows/door; >110km/j - aerodynamic problem
Solution: complaint to P2 SC, or DIY refer HERE
Cost: If under warranty - FOC from P2

Rear Break Noise
Cause: Dirty Drum Break
Solution: Ask P2/ garage outside to clean for you
Cost: Depending how good your relationship with the foreman is

Noisy Cabin
Cause: Bad Soundproofing and Noisy Stock Tyre
Solution: Change Tyre and Install Sound proof
Cost: For tyre, can try Continental CC5 195/55/R15, RM200+/pcs; Soundproof starting from hundreds to thousands depending on material and the area covered. Effectiveness: (1) Tyre (2) Soundproof 4 doors>roof>front bonnet/back trunk door>flooring

Rattling sound everywhere
Cause: Uneven joint of the plastic or metal due to low quality plastic/workmanship
Solution: If you got time - rectify the area, send to P2, wait long long/ or pay your foreman/soundproof specialist to settle it
Cost: It is FOC if you got time to go P2

Steering Rack Rust
Cause: Water from aircon host direct drip onto the steering rack (Same as Myvi)
Solution: Go any P2 SC and they'll add the extra hose pipe for free
Cost: FOC by P2

Soft Car Horn
Cause: Cheap horn by P2
Solution: Change horn at car accessories shop
Cost: You got to survey yourself becoz this is not a problem for me

Front Bumper doesn't clip well (near headlight)
Cause: Imperfect design of front bumper joint/clip
Solution: Send back to P2 SC (Not dealer) to do adjustment. They need to open the whole bumper and adjust.
Cost: FOC by P2 or ask your foreman

Loose number plate on rear trunk door
Cause: Doesn't install properly?
Solution: Screw it back yourself please, or ask P2 do it
Cost: Screw only also mau charge?

Underpower/Slow Pick Up
Cause: Loosen/Too Long Throttle Cable
Solution: Tighten the throttle cable, DIYers please refer below
Cost: File complaint to P2, no charge

Underpower/Slow Pick Up (Cause 2)
Cause: Weak Grounding Cable Distribution
Solution: Adding Voltage Stabilizer (VS) + Grounding Cable (GC) will stabilize the electron flow among the engines and response better
Other Comment: You can try to play with petrol brand, I personally prefer BHP for it's smoothness and quietness

Underpower/Slow Pick Up (Cause 3)
Cause: Too many carbon inside your engine? Is your car already clocked 50,000km & more?
Solution: I want to try this Engine Conditioner & Engine Flush
Other Comment: I haven't use the product before.. So please try them at your own risk

Annoying Air-Con compressor, Obvious HeadLight Dims
Cause: Small battery, Weak Grounding & Alternator
Solution: VS + GC + Positive (+ve) Cable can help to reduce frequent kick in, however, note that +ve cable may void the warranty on your alternator..
Cost: Depending which brand you choose
Other Comment: I am personally using Edge VS & GC & +ve cable, you can read my comment over HERE

Gear Shift Shock
Cause: Gearbox problem. This is different from normal jerk. When engaging D or R, there's a delay of 1-2 second for gearbox to react. The gear change is very loud.
Solution: There's a batch has this problem as told by SC
Cost: FOC under warranty, not sure take how many weeks
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Idle engine torque is ~800rpm after warming up without aircon.
(Too low, engine may stop; Too high, higher petrol consumption)

3 ways to adjust (OFF YOUR ENGINE FIRST!)

1) From Engine
- This is the first solution and it is the easiest. Only go to further solutions if the result can't be achieve.
- First, touch the 1mm play string (2nd picture). If there are many rooms for it, means your car is underpower.
- Adjust the 2 screws to tighten it up.
- What if too tight? you'll see your engine idle rpm going up.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

2) From Pedals
- If adjusting from engine doesn't work, go the the top of the pedals at the driver seat.
- Add whatever rubber or anything you can think off (which is safe) to tighten it up here.
Attached Image

3) From Floor
- Last resolve and most troublesome for me
- Open up the floor at the driver seat and cut/modify the board.
Attached Image

Don't speed, drive safe!
Attached Image
Above is the illustration from Alza Forum member, not me tongue.gif

Steering vibrates on uneven road especially turning
Cause: Steering Column Problem
Solution: P2 seems to solve it recently - Orifice problem
Cost: Go Subang Jaya P2, so far only the SC there has solution

Annoying Air-Con compressor
Cause: Just don't expect too much
Solution: Adding Voltage Stabilizer and Grouding Cable can help to reduce frequent kick in
Cost: Refer here as a guideline

Rusted Car Battery Surrounding - Click Here
Cause: Car Battery Water Leaking
Solution: Change to Maintenance Free Battery
Cost: You can DIY/ask your foreman do it/ or claim from P2 (Took 3 days)

Gear Shift Shock
Cause: Gearbox problem. This is different from normal jerk. When engaging D or R, there's a delay of 1-2 second for gearbox to react. The gear change is very loud.
Solution: There's a batch has this problem as told by SC
Cost: FOC under warranty, not sure take how many weeks


1) Denso Iridium Spark Plug (IXU22) - P2 recommend this too
Description: Save cost in the long run. Normal spark plug (lifespan 20,000km)- RM52 (P2 SC), Denso Iridium Spark Plug (lifespan 100,000km)- RM180 (P2 SC)
Cost: RM155 with postage, Labour from P2 - FOC

2) Coil Spring Buffer - Reference Click Here
Description: To prevent rear spring reach bottom on full load, and if you think your suspension is too soft, it is the cheapest way to make it feel firmer
Cost: Around RM70/set (front & back), labour excluded

3) Front Strut Bar - Reference Click here
Description: If you want to improve handing (easier to control car movement), this is the cheapest and most effective. Personally tested. On the other hand, rear anti roll bar has no much effect, since our rear spring is torsion beam. Other bars may help but you may sacrifice passenger's comfort.
Cost: Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar - Around RM120 with installation

OTHER ISSUE (Keep in view, need more study, no harm yet)

1) Sudden jerk when engaging D or reverse gear
- 40,000km and still happen sometimes, no harm yet

2) Soft engine tapping noise
- Often notice this when I just got car, only happens when 0-20kph. 40,000km now and still persist. No harm yet.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Edisi Alza M2

Edisi terhad dengan warna baru

Masih belum terlambat untuk post mengenai Alza M2.....Pelbagai kejutan dengan kejayaan Perodua dalam pasaran MPV sejak Alza diperkenalkan di pasaran. Ianya adalah kenderaan pelbagai guna yang didapati menjadi sangat menarik di kalangan penduduk di negara ini kerana ia dijual pada harga yang sangat menarik, di samping  bergaya, berkuasa, selesa serta cekap ruang. Menyedari potensi Alza, Perodua telah memperkenalkan versi edisi khas kenderaan, iaitu Edisi Alza M2. Tidak terlalu banyak yang tahu hakikatnya bahawa M2 adalah sebenarnya nama asal Perodua sebelum nama Perodua digunakan.

Perodua telah mengeluarkan Alza M2 Edition, terhad kepada 500 unit. Ia akan dibuka untuk tempahan di semua Perodua cawangan jualan bermula 1 April  pada harga (OTR) sebanyak RM69, 990, harga yang sama seperti Alza Advanced Version, yang mana ia berdasarkan.

Pertama diumumkan oleh bekas Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pada Januari apabila beliau melawat kemudahan Perodua Rawang, Edisi M2 dinamakan selepas nama kod "M2" yang diberikan kepada projek kereta nasional kedua, yang kemudiannya dinamakan Perodua. Bagi setiap unit M2 dijual, Perodua akan menderma RM1, 000 kepada Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana ex-PM.

Ciri-ciri unik termasuk tanda gred "M2" dan warna khas "Midnight Blue". Ciri-ciri lain termasuk meliputi tempat duduk kulit, carpet versi terhad. Selain yang telah disebutkan, Edisi M2 akan mempunyai segala peralatan yang standard pada Versi Advanced, termasuk 5-inci skrin sentuh sistem hiburan LCD dengan GPS dan bodykit. Satu pilihan alternatif bagi pembeli Versi Advanced untuk mencuba versi terhad M2.

Walau sudah setahun berlalu sejak model M2 diumumkan, namun info ini masih agak berguna bagi peminat Perodua Alza. Tunggu post yang selanjutnya.....

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mini MPV - ALZA .....? Anda yang tentukan.....last part !!!

Sambungan dari part II..... 

Dari survey,kebanyakannya hanya meng'kondemn'kan Alza jika dibandingkan dengan Exora Bold cfe+cvt dari segi harga, ruang kereta, pick-up, kelajuan, handling dan performance.Di sini, kita tidak perlu untuk mengutuk mana-mana car manufacturer dengan produk mereka....cuma, kita sering mendengar rungutan / komplen dari sesetengah pembeli kereta. Percayalah, model T & H juga ada masalah dan mereka sedaya-upayanya mengatasi masalah itu dan membuat penambah baikan. Untuk model tempatan,seharusnya mereka juga menduplikasi cara 'orang luar' bekerja demi meningkatkan mutu dan kualiti kereta tempatan. Tak lupa, rungutan juga datang dari 'harga' yang banyak memainkan peranan penting dalam menentukan pembelian sesebuah kereta memandangkan kereta merupakan keperluan dan bukannya lambang untuk gah dalam kehidupan.Pusat servis dan kualiti servis juga salah satu faktor pembeli dalam pemilihan sesebuah kereta.

Teruskan kepada harga Alza setelah merapu dalam seperanggan di atas.....

Harga On-Road dengan Insurans bagi Semenanjung Malaysia

RM 55,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SX (M) – Solid
RM 55,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SX (M) – Metallic
RM 56,190 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SX (M) – Special Metallic
RM 58,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZ (A) – Solid
RM 58,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZ (A) – Metallic
RM 59,190 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZ (A) – Special Metallic

RM 60,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SXi (M) – Solid
RM 60,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SXi (M) – Metallic
RM 61,190 – Perodua Alza 1.5 SXi (M) – Special Metallic
RM 63,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZi (A) – Solid
RM 63,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZi (A) – Metallic
RM 64,190 – Perodua Alza 1.5 EZi (A) – Special Metallic

RM 66,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 GHP (M) – Solid
RM 66,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 GHP (M) – Metallic
RM 69,490 – Perodua Alza 1.5 ZHP (A) – Solid
RM 69,990 – Perodua Alza 1.5 ZHP (A) – Metallic

Extra features on Premium edition
1) Dual SRS airbags
2) ABS with EBD and Brake Assist
3) Fog lamps
4) Rear spoiler
5) Audio system with USB and Bluetooth support
6) Steering wheel with audio switches
7) Seat height adjuster
8) Silver colour door armrest
9) Blue illumination meter
10) Higher grade seat cover
11) Higher grade carpet mats

Extra features on Advanced edition on top of Premium edition
1) GPS with reverse camera
2) Leather seat
3) Tinted film
4) Front skirting
5) Rear skirting
6) Side skirting

Sedikit galeri foto :-

Sehingga berjumpa lagi.....tak suka takpe, tepuk dada tanya selera.....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sedikit sejarah kereta.....

The first vehicle built by KARL BENZ which is maybe that's the origin of the Mercedes Benz right now is the Gas Buggy in 1885 to 1886.

The vehicle has three wheels where one wheel in front and a pair behind the wheel.

On the same year also Gottlieb Daimler built a vehicle known as Wooden Bicycle where these vehicles use engines.

Gottlieb Daimler also built the 4 wheel Gas Buggy the next year.

Until next post....will share for more info.....cheers